Make Team Development Fun, Accessible & Effective.

A close up photograph showing one of the question cards from the game.

How does it work?

Better team working starts at the very beginning of Teams That Care – players work in two teams, competing against each other to answer discussion based questions as they work their way round the “team building away day” themed board.

Question cards prompt discussions on key topics that contribute to making a team successful. Players will be asked to think about their own teams and their daily practice, identifying what they already do well, and exploring positive changes that would help improve outcomes for the team.

A Flexible Training Resource

Teams that Care is a highly flexible resource – it works as an informal workplace training tool, or can be woven into more structured training programmes. You can play the whole game at once, or choose a selection of cards for a shorter game when time is limited. An expert trainer or facilitator is not required, and everything you need is in the box!

Teams That Care is a stepping stone to making teams work more effectively. After playing, you can complete the action plan to put learning into practice, or consider further resources to continue improving teamwork.

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